From capturing that special wedding day filled with love and lots of emotion that you have been dreaming of your entire life, to getting those perfect lifestyle shots so that you can can relive those special moments again. We capture life as it happens so that you can relive them through our photos!



Dreams do come true, especially on your wedding day. You have been dreaming of this day since forever and cant wait to spend the rest of your life with your partner. We capture those special moments filled with emotion so that you can share those irreplaceable memories forever.



I know… what is Lifestyle photography, Right?

let me explain, imagine capturing genuine moments as life happens life is movement and there is no props or staging events , I will be like a fly on the wall capturing every emotion as it happens in real life.

So forget about the camera see me as a friend just hanging out with you.

The goal is not to recreate life events or stage life style images but to document life as it happens.



This is the place to be if you want consistent visual content for your branding needs.

We as humans are visual creatures thus the perfect selling point for any product or service is based on how people see it… a perfect captured photo will bring too life unlimited marketing capabilities.

Rewarding images captured with precision, extreme focus and bringing a creativity to maximize sales potential

Times and seasons change , so does photography an ever evolving art, let me help your company get ahead of the competition!



What others are Saying

A Fantastic team! Not only are they super-talented, but great fun to work with too. Rudi & Clarissa make you feel like you are shooting for the cover of Vogue – and that you are photogenic enough to be on there too! Great at designing wedding timelines and adapt quickly when there is a sudden unforeseen turn of events.

To top it all off, when you receive your photo’s you realize that their art is exquisite and priceless!

Silber Studio – such a comfortable fit, especially if it is your first shoot. They fit into your schedule like friends would!

Andre & Carlene

Silber Studio is the best in the business. I can say that with confidence as I look at our perfect wedding photos! We had a few shoots with them and will literally keep coming back. Their vibe, energy and willingness to get that perfect shot is what sets them apart. We started off as client and photography crew and ended up as lifelong friends!

You can tell once you engage with them that this isn’t a job but a passion. Couldn’t be happier!

Fatima & Omar

We had such a wonderful experience with the talented team Silber Studio Photography. We would highly recommend them to any one, they are so professional and very easy to work with. They make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. Their photos are the best!! If you haven’t had a photo-shoot with Rudi and Clarissa you truly miss out. They are the most beautiful people with the most beautiful hearts. We can’t wait to book our next shoot with them.

Mia & JP

The Silber Studio team’s energy and enthusiasm is addictive and ensures that every meeting and photo-shoot is a memorable experience and full of fun and life! Their technical skills are exceptional and with comfortable no-pretense personalities, they capture moments with authenticity and excellence. What lovely people! What brilliant photographers! We cannot wait for our next photo-shoot with Silber Studio!

We loved Silber’s addictive energy and enthusiasm! They really made us feel comfortable and excited leading up to our engagement photo-shoot. On set they even prepared a dressing booth for us eliminating any awkward moments. Their sense of humor made us feel relaxed and there were no awkward moments trying to force a posed image. Their technical skills, art direction and choice of location made for unforgettable images. Rudi and the team took our brief into account, added their spice and completely over-delivered! They went the extra mile with everything! We couldn’t be happier with the results and cannot wait for them to shoot our wedding!

Fanie & Binita