Secret Proposal

Would You Like To Surprise Your Future Wife With A Secret Proposal?

And have the photos to relive one of the biggest moments in your life forever!

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Some make their wedding proposal quite known (because they can’t help it), but others choose to add a little suspense to the mix by keeping it a secret.

With careful planning and a few deep breaths, your secret proposal will go off without a hitch!

Stay cool, calm, and collected

To successfully plan a secret proposal, your significant other obviously can’t know that something big is going to happen–that’s why it’s a secret.

Stay collected and casual, and avoid asking your sweetheart to spontaneously call off work or to plan for a random trip that you two had never discussed in the past.

In other words, try to keep things as chill as possible.

Get help from family and friends

As long as they can keep a secret, getting your family and friends involved is a blast and will make the surprise that much more satisfying. Pick someone to get your fiancé-to-be to the right place at the right time and, being discreet, have your family and friends hidden around the area.

Capture the moment with a professional photographer

Hidden among the crowd or off the beaten path, a photographer will be able to capture these unique moments for you, from your partner’s complete unawareness to the moment you pop the question.

You can then choose to reveal your secret plan and take some newly engaged shots right on the spot, or keep it hidden, surprising her with a mini album at a later date.

A secret proposal is easier said than done, so if you pull it off, you’ll be a legend among grooms everywhere.